I develop software professionally since 2010, with focus on web frontend. I’ve been interested in Elm since 2015; used it in production heavily since 2017. I tend to focus on “soft” side of development: readable and maintainable code, simple solutions, developer experience, reliability.


Web Developer @ iZettle/PayPal; Stockholm, Sweden — 2018–2021

Micro Frontends, Web Components, API design, AWS, Heroku, Release Management, Elm, React/Redux, Styled Components, TypeScript, Ruby on Rails, On Call duty, Localization

Self Employed Contractor; Remote — 2017–2018

Elm, Web Components, Ember.js, Circle CI

Web Developer, Team Lead @ 2GIS; Novosibirsk, Russia / Remote — 2014–2017

Scala, Reverse Engineering, Requirements Management, PostgreSQL, Node.js, Frontend Performance Optimization, React/Redux, TypeScript, Single Page Applications, Localization, Git

Number of Failed Startups; Novosibirsk, Russia — 2011-2014

JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Backbone.js, Build Pipeline, CSS Animations


Siberian State Transport University, Business Informatics faculty; Novosibirsk, Russia — Master’s Degree, Diploma with Honors, 2010


I’m great at: debugging, reverse engineering, problem solving, API design, code readability, communicating ideas, team work

I’m not so great at: planning and estimating, repetitive tasks, working alone, finishing stuff, collaborating with unfamiliar people